Bloomberg for dummies

It's hard for retail investors to keep up to date with the noisy financial markets. News feeds are cluttered with click-baity headlines and opinions.

Our service gives you notifications about the most important events concerning your portfolio, straight from the data sources

With robot reporters we can cover all stocks

Current coverage

  • Insider transactions (SE)
  • Short positions (SE, US)
  • Major share holder changes (SE)
  • Corporate reports (SE)
  • Stock price movements (SE, US)
1. Collect data
{ publisher: 'Company A', title: 'Chairman of the board' }
2. Enrich data
{ isReasonable: true, relatedSecurities: ['SE1212121212'] }
3. Generate text
TestCompany up 10% on yearly report
4. Generate images
5. Distribute Messenger, Webpage etc.
6. Learn Learn from user clicks

Monetization ideas

  • B2C: Follow the stocks that you own for free, but pay if you're curious about other stocks
  • B2B: Sell newsfeed as a service to online brokers etc.



Worked at Kivra when I discovered Insynsregistret back in 2017. Couldn't let go of the idea and I am now working on this full-time since November 2018

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